Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 8.


Jessica loves oral sex, and she really, really wanted me to give her some. First, I told her I’d need to check out her goods to make sure she was worthy of having my expert mouth on her pussy. I ran my hands up and down her smooth legs and ass, loving the way her skin felt under my fingers. Once I got to licking her tight pussy, she started touching her breasts and playing with her nipples. I moved my tongue up and down her clit, hitting that magical spot again and again. She loved every moment of it, and so did I!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 7.


Lorena’s sexy ass certainly had me hard and horny, so instead of licking her pussy right away, I took a little time to explore those nice, golden globes of hers. I moved her red thong off to the side so I could get my fingers in there. We kissed while I finger fucked her, and after a bit, she joined in and started rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers inside herself. After I gave her a great finger fucking and ate her out, Lorena stretched out on the floor and let the feeling of her mind-blowing orgasm wash over her. Aaaahhh, another satisfied customer!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 6.


Hot Alejandra has one amazing body! Every part of her is a guy’s wet dream. She’s got great tits, long, hot legs, a great ass, and, of course, one hell of a pussy. I also like her belly button piercing and tattoo! Once I got this hot girl naked, I started swirling my tongue around her clit and licking her pussy from top to bottom. I also rubbed her a lite bit. Then I had her sit on my face so I could really get in there and eat her out like she deserves. Alejandra loved every minute of it, and so did I!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 5.


Aimara is a sexy dark haired girl who has never had an orgasm from only oral sex beore, but when she heard of my amazing tongue, she knew I’d be the one to give her a mind-blowing experience. We started out slow, and I massaged her breasts and took her top off. Then we really got down to business. I pushed her pink thong out of the way and started lapping at her clit like a kitten drinking milk. She licked and sucked on her finger like it was my cock, really going at it! Then I had her sit on my face so I could really get my tongue in there and make her scream!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 4.


Irene is one hot blonde, and I wanted to give her a taste of my amazing tongue and pussy liking ability. First, I took her tight jeans off to get a look at her nice ass. It looked great in her tiny white panties, but I wanted to see it bare. I decided to feel her pussy out a little before I licked it, so I fingered her clit and slipped a few fingers deep inside her before going down on her clit. I moved my tongue back and forth really fast, just barely touching it. Irene loved it! Then I rubbed her a little more, including touching her breast, before I pulled her closer and really gave her a tongue lashing!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 3.


Jessica loves oral sex, and I love her smooth, hot ass. After I got her pants off, I played around with it for a bit, massaging and rubbing her ass and legs. Then she started playing with her breasts. I finally got her thong off, and that’s when the real fun began! While she sucked on her fingers, I went down on her, licking her pussy and making her scream! I thrust my tongue in and out, getting a good taste of her juices and driving her wild! Jessica loves it when guys fuck her with their tongues almost as much as she loves being fucked with a stiff cock, and I gave her exactly what she wanted!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 2.

Lorena said

Lorena was all shy when we introduced her to THE PUSSY LICKER. She didn't know if she would be approved for the garenteed oral orgasm this guy gives to all the chicks he licks. But she had on a nice short slutty skirt and red garter belt and stocking, which got THE PUSSY LICKER between her legs in a second. She screamed with pleasure as she came hard, as the tougne flicked and licked all over her pussy and ass…

Pussy Licking Lesson 1

Alejandra see the light - Pussy Licker Lesson 1

Yanina was INSTANTLY APPROVED by THE PUSSY LICKER. I mean look at her body, her eyes, her perfect round tits and that juicy snatch! When she walked in with a big lolypop THE PUSSY LICKER got the idea of inserting the candy up her fuck hole mmmmmmm…. then licked her some more until she came, breathing hard, completely satisfied.

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