Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 88.

The Best Pussy Licker

Mona is a super fine petite brunette with a gorgeous round ass and juicy pussy. One look at her in that tiny mini skirt and the pussy licker knew he had to get his tongue between those heavenly thighs. He licks her sweet cunt and teases that hard clit until Mona is shaking in her high heels in need of release. And when she begins to orgasm, he is there to lick up the goods.

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 87.

The Pussy Licker

Tell me this is not a pussy you would love to get your mouth on and I will be telling you to check your pulse to see if you are still alive. Morena Toledo is one mega fine Latina with a perfect little petite body and pussy made for licking. And the pussy licker was more then happy to use his skilled tongue on her and give her pleasure that had her body shaking in orgasm.

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 86.

Pia Paz

My next pussy to lick belongs to Pia, a sexy blonde with big tits and a nice ass. Once she spread her legs for me, I went to work while she played with her tits. I made Pia quiver with my tongue by licking and thrusting into her pussy. But Pia wasn’t satisfied with that. She wanted to do something a little different, so I picked her up and started licking her slit. She loved it! I took as much of her into my mouth as I could, and I thought she was going to go crazy. Once I was done with her, I gave her one of my t-shirts so she could advertise my services to all of her girlfriends. If they’re like her, I want to meet them!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 85.

The Pussy Licker

Sandra Storm wanted a pussy licking and she knew exactly where to find the master. She teased him with her pink twat until he was ready to give her a tongue lashing like she had never had before. And once this babe explodes in orgasmic ecstasy it’s very clear why her name is Storm! Her gorgeous body began to shake and her juices flowed like a flash flood.

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 84.

The Pussy Licker

When Nicole Sun heard about the pussy licker and his skilled tongue, she couldn’t resist paying him a visit and letting him use his skills on her moist slit. She wore a mini skirt and skimpy thong to give him easy access. And the pussy licker had no problem rating her prime meat and using his awesome skills to tease and please her until she exploded in hot, juicy pleasure.

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 83.

Pussy Licking

Pamela is a seductive blonde beauty that doesn’t realize the power of her own attraction. When the pussy licker wanted to use his skilled tongue on her pussy, this chick surrendered to him completely and gave him her all. He teased her lips and clit until she trembled from the pleasure she felt. And when he really began to use her pussy, all teasing stopped and she exploded.

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 82.

Mily has the body of a model. When THE PUSSY LICKER saw her, it took him only seconds to approve her and get down to business, filling her vagina with his tougne, flicking it against her clit, bringing her to climax nice and hard, huffing and puffing, eyes half closed, having been licked like the good open leged slut she is.

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 81.

Nadine Fox

Nadine Fox is one foxy lady. Just look at her sultry stare and amazing body. When we met, I just knew I had to lick her pussy. Fortunately, she agreed, and she said she knew exactly where she wanted to be pleasured—outside, in her huge backyard. Out under the stars, I slipped aside her panties and started lapping at her pussy and nibbling on her clit. It took a bit to get her worked up, but once I did, I had her moaning like nothing else. Nadine’s hot ass was right in my face, and I couldn’t help but run my hands all over it while my tongue was buried deep inside her. We both had a great time, and I can’t wait until I have her sweet nectar dripping down my chin!

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 80.

The Pussy Licker

Jessica was a shapely blonde with long legs that loved having her pussy licked. She wasn't one bit shy about teasing the pussy licker and showing him her juicy cunt between her legs. He slid her lacy thong aside and got right to work using his skilled tongue on her slit and tight ass. And Jessica held nothing back as she spread her legs so he could have his way with her holes.

Pussy Licking Lesson Nr 79.

The Pussy Licker

The pussy licker definitely got a tasty mouthful of sweet pink from this sizzling blonde babe. Barbie spread her slender thighs and gave the skilled tongue master full access to her hot holes to do with as he pleased. She moaned while enjoying every swipe of his tongue and nibble of his teeth until she was slick with her creamy juices and squirming in hot erotic pleasure.

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